Seventh Son and Rockmill Urban Cowboy Label

back in January, two distinctly different Ohio craft breweries forged an unlikely partnership. One, a brewer not bound by the constraints of style and uncomfortable with society’s labels, the other at home on the cottony, well-worn paths of tradition, crafting beers reminiscent of another time and place. This unlikely union of modernity and historical reverence, of concrete and alfalfa fields, of lofts and cottages has produced a child unlike any you’ve ever witnessed and the proud parents are inviting you to the barley bris.

Seventh Son Brewing Company of Columbus  and Rockmill Brewery of Lancaster have just announced that the beer they’ve been hard at work on for the past couple of months is ready for its unveiling. Christened Urban Cowboy, the Belgian-style stout is a true combination of their two styles. Rockmill’s penchant for brewing picture-perfect Belgian-style ales and Seventh Son’s unique turntable mashups of tradition and the undefinable. The beer was brewed in two separate batches at Seventh Son, each offering a variation on the theme and each as unique as the brewers themselves.

Join the brewmasters as they celebrate the bottle release of these two unique concoctions and while you’re there sample “Urfa Cowboy”, a special third version of Urban Cowboy infused with Urfa chilies and cacao nibs. Both bottle releases will be available for purchase at the event. Still want more? Drink Up Columbus did a great post a little while back and there’s a stellar photo journal here that captures the art of the brew.

 Rockmill Brewery/Seventh Son Brewing Company
 Urban Cowboy Bottle Release Party
 Seventh Son Brewing Company
 March 5, 2014, 7:00pm

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