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you may recall the post I did with the help of Queen City Fresh that detailed how Ohio’s craft brewers were fairing in the world of social media.You can refresh your memory here. As it turns out, our state’s breweries are a noisy bunch and they are taking full advantage of the myriad of social media tools available to them to help spread the word about their beer and Ohio craft beer in general. Being the nerd I am, I decided to dig a little deeper into this analysis with a more focused look at how Ohio’s craft breweries are using Twitter. As it turns out, the results are a bit surprising.

I currently track the activities of 82 Ohio craft breweries. I’m sure there may be some that I’ve left off and I know there are plenty of new Ohio breweries in the planning stages that I don’t account for, but I think that’s a pretty solid and relatively comprehensive list. Of those 82 breweries, 73 have Twitter accounts. I know, there are still 10 Ohio breweries that have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. With the assistance of, I compiled some interesting Twitter statistics about Ohio’s craft breweries. Here are some of the highlights (data compiled April 29, 2014):

  • The oldest Twitter account belongs to Great Lakes Brewing Company at just a shade over five years old.
  • The youngest Twitter account belongs to Main Street Grille & Brewing Company. They’ve been Tweeting for 11 weeks now.
  • The Twitter account with the most Tweets? That’s Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company with 5,821.
  • The quietest Twitter account with only three little Tweets to their name is Cleveland’s Buckeye Brewing Company. And it’s also marked private. Go figure.
  • Over the last five years, Ohio’s craft breweries have Tweeted a total of 58,273 times. That’s an average of 32 Tweets per day or 1.3 Tweets every hour.

Now because I’m a graphical guy and things look better to me when they’re colorful and easy to read, I’ve constructed a couple of bar charts for you. The first chart shows the top ten Ohio craft brewery Twitter accounts by total number of tweets. As you can see, it’s a pretty lopsided representation.

Ohio Craft Brewery Twitter Activity Bar Chart - Total Tweets

Total Tweets by Ohio Craft Breweries, 2009 – 2014

Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company is very active on Twitter and over the last five or so years they’ve amassed a whopping 5,821 tweets. That’s just about 10% of all tweets from Ohio craft breweries! Not bad. Right behind Great Lakes Brewing Company is The Zauber Brewery Company out of Columbus. They managed to shout out in 140 characters or less  3,540 times since they started tweeting about 4 years ago. Feel free to check out the rest of the list by clicking on the chart image.

The next chart I put together goes one step further down to look at exactly how active Ohio’s craft breweries are on Twitter. To gauge a Twitter accounts activity I simply divided the total number of tweets for a given account by the number of days that account has been active. This gives us an average number of tweets per day. Not completely perfect, I agree, but definitely a litmus test that’s worth noting. So who’s the noisiest Ohio craft brewery in the Twittersphere? That trophy easily goes to Rhinegeist Brewery from Cincinnati.

Ohio Craft Brewery Twitter Activity Bar Chart

Average Daily Tweets by Ohio Craft Breweries, 2009 – Present

While Rhinegeist has only been actively tweeting for just over a year now, they’ve managed to tweet 2,169 times. That’s about 5 tweets every day. Now that’s one active tweeter on those guys. Their next closest competitor? Once again Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company makes a strong showing with an average of 3 tweets per day. Coming in to grab the bronze is Zauber Brewing from Columbus with 2.3 tweets per day.

Twitter is a useful social media tool that many craft breweries have taken advantage of to help promote their beer. It’s a quick way to get the word out about new beer releases, brewery expansions, events, and all kinds of great things. But like any social media technology, unless it’s used often and used properly, there probably isn’t much point to having it at all.

Note: Great Lakes Brewing Company has five separate Twitter accounts with 82% of the activity under the @GLBC_Cleveland handle.

Ohio Craft Breweries on Twitter, 2009 - Present

BreweryTwitter HandleYears TweetingNumber of TweetsTweets Per Day
Great Lakes Brewing Company@GLBC_Cleveland5.058213.0
Zauber Brewing Company@ZauberBrewing4.035402.3
Rhinegeist Brewing Company@Rhinegeist1.021695.0
Hoppin' Frog Brewery@HoppinFrog5.021661.1
Fat Head's Brewery & Taphouse@FatHeadsBeer3.021421.6
Marietta Brewing Company@MBCPub4.020731.4
Listermann Brewing Company@Listermann3.020231.5
Columbus Brewing Company@ColumbusBrewing5.019471.1
Rust Belt Brewing Company@RustBeltBrewing4.019181.1
Fat Head's Brewery & Saloon@FatHeadsCLE4.019111.3
MadTree Brewing Company@MadTreeBrewing4.018451.2
WilloughbyBrewing Company@WilloughbyBrew3.017461.4
Jackie O's Pub & Brewery@JackieOsBrewery4.014981.0
Market Garden Brewery@MarketGardenCLE3.014831.1
Rivertown Brewing Company@RivertownBrew2.013821.3
Christian Moerlein Brewing Company@MoerleinBeers4.013520.8
Catawba Island Brewing Company@CatawbaIsleBeer1.012761.9
Hoof Hearted Brewing Company@HoofHeartedBrew2.012221.3
Blank Slate Brewing Company@BlankSlateBeer2.011891.2
Thirsty Dog Brewing Company@ThirstyDogBeer4.010390.6
BottleHouse Brewing Company@BottleHouse13.09740.8
Mt Carmel Brewing Company@MtCarmelBrewing4.09710.6
Great Lakes Brewing Company (Cincinnati)@GLBCinCincy2.09180.9
Four String Brewing Company@4StringBrewing2.08661.0
Land Grant Brewing Company@LandGrantBeer4.08590.6
Fifty West Brewing Company@FiftyWestBrew1.08461.3
PortsmouthBrewing Company@ThePortBrewCo2.07500.9
Chardon BrewWorks & Eatery@ChardonBrew2.07420.8
Warped Wing Brewing Company@WarpedWing1.06431.0
Moerlein Lager House@MoerleinLH2.06380.8
Cellar Rats Brewery@RatBrew5.05520.3
Rocky River Brewing Company@RockyRiverBrew3.05110.4
Buckeye Lake Brewery@BuckeyeLakeBrew2.04880.5
Triple Digit Brewing Company@TripleDigitBrew2.04830.7
Staas Brewing Company@StaasBrewing0.94361.3
The Brew Kettle@BrewKettle4.04110.3
Indigo Imp Brewery@IndigoImpBrewer4.04050.2
Actual Brewing Company@ActualBrewing1.03940.5
Elevator Brewing Company@ElevatorBrewing4.03870.2
Portside Distillery & Brewery@PortsideCLE1.03420.6
Cellar Dweller Craft Beers@VVCellarDweller2.03370.4
Seventh Son Brewing Company@SeventhSonBrew2.03270.3
Barley's Brewing Company@BarleysAleHouse2.03160.4
Rockmill Brewery@RockmillBrewery3.03110.2
Bad Tom Brewing@BadTomBrewing3.02820.2
Great Lakes Brewing Company (Columbus)@GLBCinColumbus3.02810.2
Wolf's Ridge Brewing Company@WolfsRidgeBrew1.02730.5
The Dayton Beer Company@TheDaytonBeerCo2.02610.3
Lock 27 Brewing@Lock27Brewing1.02460.5
North High Brewing Company@NorthHighBrew1.02440.6
Toxic Brew Company@ToxicBrewCo4.02430.1
Zaftig Brewing Company@ZaftigBeer1.02310.3
Smokehouse Brewing Company@SmokeandBrew0.42271.4
Cornerstone Brewing Company@CornerstoneBeer4.02170.1
Homestead Beer Company@HomesteadBeerCo2.02110.3
Weasel Boy Brewing Company@WezlBoyBrewing2.02090.2
Eudora Brewing Company@EudoraBrewingCo1.01640.3
Little Mountain Brewing Company@LMBrewingCo1.01590.5
JAFB Wooster Brewery@JAFBBeer2.01410.2
Maumee Bay Brewing Company@MaumeeBayBrew3.01400.1
Main Street Grille & Brewing Company@MainStBrews0.21371.7
Sideswipe Brewing Company@SideSwipeBrew0.41150.8
Star City Brewing Company@StarCityBrewCo1.01130.3
Flatrock Brewing Company@FlatrockBrewery2.01000.1
Findlay Brewing Company@FindlayBrewing1.0820.2
Yellow Springs Brewery@YSBrewery1.0720.2
Granville Brewing Company@GranvilleBrew1.0670.1
Nano Brew Cleveland@NanoBrewCLE2.0640.1
Franklin Brewing Company@FranklinBrewing3.0630.1
MillersburgBrewing Company@MillersburgBrew1.0610.2
Great Lakes Brewing Company (brewpub)@GLBC_Brewpub0.1532.5
Mad Cap Brew Co.@MadCapBrewCo2.0420.0
Ohio Brewing Company@OhioBrewing3.0170.0
Great Lakes Brewing Company (NW Ohio)@GLBC_NWOhio1.0100.0
Buckeye Brewing Company@BuckeyeBrewing1.030.0
Black Box Brewing Companynone0.000.0
Father John's Brewing Companynone0.000.0
Great Black Swamp Brewing Companynone0.000.0
Kelley's Island Brewerynone0.000.0
Lager Heads Smokehouse & Brewerynone0.000.0
Old Mill Craft Beernone0.000.0
Phoenix Brewing Companynone0.000.0
Put-in-Bay Brewing Companynone0.000.0
Sugar Ridge Brewerynone0.000.0
Hairless Hare Brewerynone0.000.0

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